"This is one of those rare albums that one really, really, wants to like before it has even been removed from its case." -

"Sufjan Stevens and Daniel Smith joining forces to cover Daniel Johnston? Pitchfork boner alert!" - Pitchfork

"The album starts with former One Dove singer Dot Allison's hauntingly sublime cover of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances". It is a gorgeous affair and a perfect opener for the 20 tracks to follow." -

"Johnston is living proof that quality art need not be complicated. But it must still be honest, and Johnston songs are always sincere and sometimes brutally blunt. Listening to Rope, Inc. soak handkerchiefs during "Tears Stupid Tears" is like sitting alongside a weeping friend without a solitary word of comfort to share. Rope, Inc. transforms Johnston's sad tale into a moody, Gothic dirge. Johnston's innocent work hearkens back to a less cynical era when radio was filled with gut-wrenching sentimentality." -



SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: "Quite simply, Layla and Jessie Collins have recorded one of the greatest pop albums of this or any other year. The trippy backwards guitar that kicks off Kinetic will initially hook you, but it's the breathtakingly buoyant Beatles-meets-Monkees vibe which immediately follows that'll reel you in because this record is one extraordinary achievement." DETROIT METRO TIMES Media Blackout Jeffrey Morga

"...think of Kinetic as Haight-Ashbury, Venice Beach or London's West End circa 1968 (we're talking flower power and long, flowing peasant skirts) by way of Lush and the Cardigans (with a little Bangles-ish appeal as well)."

"The songs are instantly accessible, clean, and polished. But it is these ladies' genuine sincerity that impresses us the most. You can tell that their music comes straight from their hearts. Lovely, dreamy tracks include "Nearly Over Now," "Rusty Old Camera," "Love Is On Its Way" (our favorite), and "Stellar Sunrise." (Kramer was involved with this one, which is almost always a good thing.) Great stuff" Babysue

" of the happiest little surprises of early 2007. These sweet-voiced lasses craft acoustic-y indie pop with rich, golden harmonies and blissfully catchy melodies."

"This sort of heavy-handed production usually makes an album sound dreadfully pretentious, but it works here precisely because the songs are relatively simple and the Collins sisters don't oversell them. The tracks tumble out one after another, kinda like the mint juleps at Churchill Downs on Derby day." Aiding and Abetting

"Kinetic is a combination of magical harmonies, sixties psychadelia, folky charm, pop hooks, and new millennial electronica" Hotpress Magazine

"Kinetic, the startling new debut album by Dublin sisters duo, Jessie and Layla, sounds as if it brushed against the dilithium crystals in the transporter room of the Starship Enterprise when being beamed to earth." The Evening Herald

"... the kind of sunny West Coast music that comes with a clean conscience, a beating heart and a decent tune ... a thorough and highly effcient Debut." The Ticket, The Irish Times

ROPE INC.'s debut full-length cd


The tandem of Matt Menovcik and Kramer has created this rather abstract, ambient, and interesting collection of songs. Not quite electronica, but with enough textures to make songs such as "Believe" come to life rather quickly. Think of Moby circa "Porcelain", or perhaps a more obscure band like No-Man, and you'll get the idea. In fact, the music is so seamless one doesn't even notice that "Promise" has begun, another charming, reflective tune. That doesn't mean everything turns to gold here, with "Strange" being a strange affair resembling a b-side from Nine Inch Nails. However, Rope, Inc. comes back to life with the Depeche Mode-ish "Hold". Another strong effort is the hushed duet during "Escape", bringing to mind Dido fronting Portishead. The often raspy delivery might be an acquired taste for some, but "Circumstance" and the carnival-tinged "Stay" are well worth it. Even the eerie, haunting "Unknown", with its Gregorian-like hues that evoke memories of Enigma, is a keeper. 7 OUT OF 10 STARS - PopMatters

Seattle Sound - May 2007 Between singing lead vocals for Seattle trio Saeta and playing bass for pop-punk outfit, Ms. Led, Matt Menovcik forms half of the shadowy, looping ROPE, INC.. On the duo's second album, Menovcik lays down electric piano and the gravelly vocals that haunt the album here in Seattle, while renowned producer Kramer (Low, Gwar, Pulp Fiction's "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon"" rcorded his own guitar work and arrangements in Florida. The result: a wandering dream-sequence of a record evocative of Beck, circa Sea Change. While most of the songs lean towards the sublime and ghostly, Songs of Love & War is saved from being dull or gloomy by its glittering piano work (notably in "Become"), the occasional catchy beat ("Hold") and above all, Menovcik's abrasive and spectral vocals throughout. -Erin Thompson

"There really is a Kramer sound. It's not so much a particular way of twisting the knobs as it is marrying a feel to the songs involved. Kramer has always managed to mutate his style to fit his subjects, and the results become even more interesting when he joins up with Menovcik... these songs possess a sort of untouchable beauty. There's a real ache to the sound on this album. It really brings out the quiet desperation of Menovcik's songs." - AIDING AND ABETTING

"Songs of Love and War is electronica-oriented pop/rock and art rock that never rocks; rather, it floats and does so in a way that is spacey, atmospheric and sometimes ethereal." - All Music Guide

"ROPE, INC. is part The Cure and part Eno." -

"Menovcik has a slightly raspy almost hushed voice that works very well with this sort of music. Kramer's acute attention to details gives the music the heart and soul it deserves." - Babysue

"These are often pretty, sometimes delicate songs that are almost perfectly presented. There must have been a lot of cutting and pasting, but the sound is wonderfully organic." - Aiding and Abetting