Stefan Scott Nelson, SECOND SHIMMY



Stefan Scott Nelson
Stefan Scott Nelson

Stefan Scott Nelson

The Secret Architecture


  1. Bosstune
  2. Prisoner
  3. Captured
  4. Smoke Rings
  5. In Love
  6. Itzowaya
  7. Candy Sweet
  8. Just Like Girls
  9. Negative Person
  10. Into Your Fires
  11. Cast Out


The Secret Architecture

The Secret Architecture is my second recording released through Second Shimmy. It was mostly finished back in 2009-2010 and it sat around for awhile. The original plan was to have Kramer mix and master it but the project ran out of steam and I moved on to other things. Years latter Kramer offered to release the version that I mixed. Kramer then mastered it for this release. It is strange to release this now after it has sat around in my mind for quite some time.

This recording was so much fun for me while I was making it. I really hope that comes through in the final product. Most of this music was created by me with a lot of help from James Hamblin from howardamb. He added layers of Q-chord tracks, processed vocals and Kaos pad parts. James also suggested samples and production techniques along the way that crafted all of these songs.

I never tried to reproduce this music in a live setting. Seemed too ridiculous to try to recreate.

Mastered by KRAMER