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Matt Menovcik

Matt Menovcik

Alone, With You

Nov. 11, 2014

Artist Name - Matt Menovcik
Release Name - Alone, With You
Release Date - November 11, 2014
Label/Imprint Name - Second Shimmy

Track Listing

1- Someone To Believe
2- Together, Share This Dream
3- Come Let Us
4- At Night
5- I'm Left Missing You
6- Blinded by Desire
7- Lead Me On
8- What Am I Now?
9- So Long Ago
10- Parade
11- Oh, My Heart

Label Catalog # SS-1134

Bare - Alone, With You, the first solo album by Matt Menovcik, is just that. It features Menovcik accompanying himself only on piano. There are no overdubs and Menovcik solely does everything. The product here is pure. The themes are intense and honest - desire, despair, hope, betrayal and loss. It is a world that Menovcik knows well. It is a world, here; created by the natural reverb of the room the album was recorded in, the character of the piano and Menovcik's trademark vocals.

Often inspired by film, there is a cinematic quality to these songs. Even though the orchestration is so minimal, the atmosphere is rich. From the opening track, Someone To Believe, with just four chords and dare to dream to the closing Oh, My Heart with its simple piano figures and a sense of hope, Menovcik takes you on a fragile journey through his world as he is experiencing it. Menovcik explains, "That's the thing I really like about film music - that building of a world. That is something I was definitely trying to achieve with this record". I really wanted to make a place where the listener could escape to and get lost in, as painful a world as it may be."

Menovcik is also half of the collaboration known as ROPE, INC, with renowned producer Kramer. Through the project ROPE, INC., Menovcik contributed a track to the Daniel Johnston tribute record, I Killed The Monster, which also featured Sufjan Stevens, Mike Watt, and Dot Allison. While writing about ROPE, INC. Seattle Times writer Tom Scanlon wrote, "He's not nearly as famous as Gibbard (from Deathcab For Cutie), but Matt Menovcik just might be as talented".
Menovcik is also the creative force behind Vinca Minor, who released their sophomore album, Capital of Sorrow, on Second Shimmy, in November of 2012. He has performed around the US and abroad with his band Saeta, as the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, and the now defunct Ms. Led, as the bass player. He has been composing music for over twenty years and has been called a "top rate songwriter" by the Seattle Weekly.Menovcik has additionally been involved in film scoring for the past several years, scoring three full-length films as well as many shorts. He studied film scoring at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Summer Intensive Program in Seattle, Washington. He is currently working on a new short film due to be released later this year.Menovcik is currently working on a new ROPE, INC. album as well as new material for his Vinca Minor project and gearing up for future travels and projects in the coming months. Matt Menovcik's album, Alone, With You, is due out November 11, 2014 on Second Shimmy.

Genre - Avant Garde/ Singer-Songwriter

Release Description - Matt Menovcik's "Alone, With You" uses only acoustic piano and vocals to create a world of desire, despair, hope betrayal and loss. The album is both naked and rich in ambience. The natural reverb of the room, the character of the piano, and Menovcik's trademark vocals all work together to create this stunning collection of songs. This is music of fans of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Erik Satie.

Key Territories - Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Italy
Parental Advisory Notices - none