The Captain Howdy, SECOND SHIMMY



The Captain Howdy
The Captain Howdy
The Captain Howdy
The Captain Howdy

The Captain Howdy

Tattoo Blood


  1. We Want Our Vietnam
  2. The Juliet E-Mail
  3. China Needs Women
  4. The Hero That Feels Sorry for...
  5. Rosabelle
  6. The Wreck of the Captain Howdy
  7. Dino's Head
  8. Tattoo of Blood
  9. The Best Song Ever Written

THE CAPTAIN HOWDY is a musical collaboration between Kramer and Penn Jillette (of famed magic duo Penn & Teller).

Their debut release, TATTOO OF BLOOD (1994), is way more than you bargained for, including guest appearances by singer & cultural icon DEBORAH HARRY, the inimitable guitar stylings of BILLY WEST (best known as the cartoon voice of Ren & Stimpy), and the cascading, tearjerker cellos of SOMA ALLPASS. It was produced & recorded by Kramer at his Noise New Jersey recording studio in 1993, following the demise of his band Bongwater.

Featuring a title track written FOR the band by LOU REED, and brilliant cover art by famed artist TONY FITZPATRICK, the music defies description. Kramer's best work as a producer is clearly most abundant when working with his very best collaborators, and Penn Jillette could be the best and most natural partner of his long career.

Penn Jillette - words & voices
Kramer - music & instruments

All songs by Penn Jillette & Kramer (except where noted)

Produced by KRAMER