The Captain Howdy, SECOND SHIMMY



The Captain Howdy
The Captain Howdy
The Captain Howdy

The Captain Howdy

Money Feeds My Music Machine


  1. Always Something There to Re..
  2. I Just Don't Wanna Try
  3. Old Man
  4. Man Bites Dog
  5. If You Love Me, Kill Your Dog
  6. I Just Wanna Get Laid
  7. I Long for Kyoto
  8. Don't F**k With the Phoenix
  9. Shut Up
  10. Radio's Broke
  11. Barry's Lament

THE CAPTAIN HOWDY is a musical collaboration between Kramer and Penn Jillette (of famed magic duo Penn & Teller).

In 1997, THE CAPTAIN HOWDY issued their second collection of songs, MONEY FEEDS MY MUSIC MACHINE, featuring the return of guitarist BILLY WEST (best known as the cartoon voice of Ren & Stimpy), percussion by BILL BACON (from the bands Material, Gong, Curlew, and from Kramer's solo LP "The Secret of Comedy"), and singing by Kramer's 5 year old daughter Tess (on "Man Bites Dog"). Continuing the slapp-happy brilliance that made their debut release such a celebration of madness and anarchy, this release once again features front cover art by Tony Fitzpatrick, with back cover art by famed illustrator/author Renee French.

Penn Jillette - words & voices
Kramer - music & instruments

Produced by KRAMER