Shockabilly, SECOND SHIMMY





Dawn of Shockabilly


Produced by KRAMER
(1982 EP; SSD-1108)

Re-mastered by KRAMER 2008


  1. Heartfull of Soul
  2. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  3. Psychotic Reaction
  4. Hard Day'S Night
  5. Train Kept A Rolling

EUGENE CHADBOURNE - guitar, rake, birdcage, cooler, vocals, etc. KRAMER - cheap organ, bass, tapes, vocals
DAVID LICHT - percussion

Photos by Macioce

Shockabilly Re-Mastered RE-MASTERED in 2008 by KRAMER for stunning clarity and potency. These new Re-Masters bring out the subtleties never heard on the original vinyl releases. Prepare yourself to hear things that were once so buried in the mix, you never even knew they existed. SHOCKABILLY is back and it's never sounded so good!


SHOCKABILLY was formed out of the ashes of EUGENE CHADBOURNE's riotous LSDC&W quintet THE CHADBOURNES in 1982, when JOHN ZORN and the late, great TOM CORA departed because the band was LOSING money on the road. CHADBOURNE, KRAMER and DAVID LICHT carried on as the newly named SHOCKABILLY, with a decidedly LOUDER and more PSYCHEDELIC approach, much of the Chadbourne's C&W repertoire was abandoned in favor of a noxious psychedelic cacaphony which carried itself onstage and offstage through thick and thin, as the band continued to lose money.

Undeterred by such concerns and with all the confidence in the world, CHADBOURNE & KRAMER resolved to find a way to make a demo EP in the basement of a friend's home in Massachusettes, finding upon arrival that the basement was flooded and the so-called "recording gear" (a faulty 4-track tape machine and 4 shitty microphones) was in such disrepair that it seemed the best thing to do was to not even TRY to see their plans through. Insanely, KRAMER took the bull by the horns, refused to give up, and by the end of the day, they had their 5-song demo. KRAMER then sent the demo to his favorite record label, ROUGH TRADE in London. A week later, the phone rang at Kramer's Little Italy apartment in NYC, and he found himself speaking to Rough Trade founder GEOFF TRAVIS, who said he wanted to release the demo "as is". In a state of shock and awe, thus began the legitimate professional recording career of SHOCKABILLY, and a few months later, their debut EP "DAWN OF SHOCKABILLY" was released in the UK to the expected "mixed" reviews.

Three years of hapless touring and 4 full-length LP's later, this extraordinary trio disbanded harshly while on tour in the USA, following which Chadbourne and Kramer did not speak to each other for nearly 20 years, as each went on to prolific careers as musicians and musician/producer, respectively. CHADBOURNE made and continues to make dozens of brilliant releases with artists as diverse as the late-great JIMMY CARL BLACK and CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN, while effortlessly becoming one of the world's greatest and most original banjo players. He must be SEEN to be believed. KRAMER founded his SHIMMY-DISC label in NYC and produced artists such as URGE OVERKILL (the hit single from PULP FICTION), KING MISSILE, LOW, GALAXIE 500, DANIEL JOHNSTON, GWAR, DANIELSON FAMILIE, etc etc etc, and somehow found the time to form his own bands BONGWATER and B.A.L.L. etc etc etc while playing bass guitar for bands such as THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS in 1985 (including their debut appearances in Europe), HALF JAPANESE, THE FUGS, GG ALLIN'S SUPERSCUM, and finally WEEN in 1993 (whose seminal classic THE POD was one of many released by KRAMER on his Shimmy-Disc label). DAVID LICHT remains of one NYC's most accomplished percussionists, while performing full-time with THE KLEZMATICS. all three bandmembers have also gone on to raise families while masquerading as "normal" human beings, despite SHOCKABILLY's recorded audio legacy that defies and denies any semblance of normalcy.

As a band, SHOCKABILLY were either loved or hated. Following their hysterical live performances, no attendee could say they had no feelings about what they had just heard. one barfly in Alabama even threatened to go home, get his shotgun, and blow Chadbourne's brains out after hearing the manner in which Chadbourne played a guitar solo in a Hank Williams song. Now THAT's Entertainment.

And so it goes.

It must also be mentioned that one of America's greatest unknown photographers, MACIOCE, shot ALL of the SHOCKABILLY record covers. MACIOCE also traveled with the band extensively, managing, photographing, and doing live sound. Considering his contribution to the artwork that accompanied the band's releases, it would be a crime to omit his name. See his portfolio at

The sudden appearance of these pages serves to commemorate the long-awaited re-release of the entire SHOCKABILLY catalog, which has been lovingly Re-MASTERED by KRAMER himself in 2008 for ear-piercing potency and clarity, and will soon be available on iTunes and other download-only venues across the globe.


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