Shockabilly, SECOND SHIMMY





Vietnam & Heaven

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  1. Pileup All Architecture
  2. Born On The Bayou
  3. Your U.S.A And My Face
  4. (I Don't Wanna Go To) Vietnam
  5. Flying
  6. Nicaragua
  7. Paris
  8. Iran into Tulsa
  9. Georgia In A Jug
  10. Lucifer Sam
  11. Signed D. C.
  12. Instant Karma
  13. She Was A Living, Breathing Piece..
  14. Red Headed Stranger
  15. When You Dream about Bleeding
  16. Tau And The Soldier
  17. Life's A Gas
  18. Tray-Panning The Man
  19. Hendrix Buried In Tacoma
  20. How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already...
  21. Vampire Tiger Girl Strikes Again
  22. Pity Me, Sheena
  23. Happy New Year/ Our Metempsy...

In late 1981, after just under two years as "THE CHADBOURNE'S" (with John Zorn & Tom Cora), guitar virtuoso EUGENE CHADBOURNE, percussionist DAVID LICHT and KRAMER decided to ditch the C&W repetiore and follow more closely in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix and the echoes of psychedelia. The resulting 5-song EP, DAWN OF SHOCKABILLY (recorded in 1982) was heard by Rough Trade's Geoff Travis, and he signed them immediately. After 3 releases, numerous disastrous world tours and globally dismal sales, Rough Trade dropped SHOCKABILLY in 1984, just as they were putting the finishing touches on SHOCKABILLY VIETNAM at Carla Bley's Grog Kill Studio. A few months later, SHOCKABILLY HEAVEN was born during the death throes of this great but little known band. Both of these classic LP's are presented here on ONE CD, originally re-released in 1999 on Kramer's SHIMMY-DISC label.

CD - $15